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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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when will it clear? we will find out on this wednesday, february 8th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay". good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> good morning, i'm john kelly. let's say good morning to meteorologist christina loren here to talk about the fog and the visibility or lack thereof out there. >> yeah, exactly. you're going to need to give yourself plenty of time this morning to reach your destination safely, as we have very dense fog out there, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. in fact, we are continuously dropping off in places like concord. now you have less than a quarter of a mile in portions of concord so you want to take it easy out there. we'll continue to drop off before we hit sunrise. then that fog will start to lift. we'll tell you exactly when in your city, and when we get our next best rain chance. that's in the forecast, as well. first, let's check your drive, see how the visibility or lack
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thereof is impacting out there. >> the clearest thing i see is on the chp report, a fog advisory on the bay bridge. let's look at the toll plaza and you can see the lower clouds hovering around the shot. you can see across the middle of the screen the lights off the east shore freeway. but that's as far as you can see. and from time to time clouds drift in, impeding our view from san francisco to the bay bridge. so clearly, that's an issue for you. sunol also has chances of fog developing. this is a pocket of clearing but we see around the golf course the sun coming up here as it starts to burn off in other spots. so shifting conditions around the bay. of course folks using the fast lanes, fast track lanes and all lanes using their gas out there, as well. so a different perspective on the roads this morning. we have our own bob riddel out there. what is going on with the gas prices? >> yeah, quickly, northbound on 101, heading through santa clara, the commute looks good so far. we are talking about gas prices. usually this time around, we get a break at the pump in our ride to work.
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typically costs a bit less. but not this winter. we're actually coming off the most expensive january ever for gas prices. and here we are a week into february, and we're not seeing much relief. here are the latest numbers, courtesy of aaa. the overnight numbers. san jose, oakland, you can see they're averaging around $3.76 a gallon for gas. this is important, because this represents a jump of about 10 cents per gallon over the past 30 days. now in a typical january, we normally see different prices, demand goes down as more people are staying home, having just spent the month of december traveling for the holidays. but that has been offset this january by a growing economy. and what fuels growing industries? diesel. many refiners have -- diesel cut back on gasoline, less gasoline, supply equals higher prices at the pump. oil speculators are also behind recent price increases. a barrel of oil around $100, 10
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to 15 bucks higher this time a year ago. what does the road ahead look like? not good for drivers. a couple of analysts expect us to be in the $4 range by themmial day, which, of course, is the start of the summer driving season. approaching the south bay, bob riddel, "today in the bay." >> always a pleasure to ride with you. a public memorial being held this morning for a construction worker who died a work site. raoul zapatta was working when a 13-foot retaining wall collapsed on top of him. rescue crews were not able to revive the 39-year-old after digging him out. today's memorial will be held at saint bien catholic church. it starts at 11:00 a.m. the work site is shut down and the contractor is under investigation for violating a stop work order when the deadly accident happened. 5:03 right now. a court hearing will be held today for a san jose state
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student cruised of groping several woman. michael escobar is charged with five counts of battery. police say he entered the dorm two weeks ago and checked each room for an unlocked door. the 21-year-old then allegedly groped four students as they were sleeping. escobar is a junior at the university. a redwood city high school student accused of trying to rape one of his teachers at knife point will head to court today. 19-year-old david velasquez expected to enter a plea this afternoon. police say velazquez attacked the 29-year-old teacher in a garage at summit prep two weeks ago. another teacher came upon what was happening and scared velazquez off. he was arrested at his home and has been held on $1 million bail. 5:04 right now. the trial of an alleged gang member accused of killing his father and two sons will continue without one of its jurors. juror number six was dismissed yesterday for nodding off during the trial. rah foes is accused of killing
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tony balonia in june of 2008. earlier this week, ramos' brother-in-law said he intentionally sought out more violent gang members. >> pg&e in the hot seat again. welders say the old gas lines are questionable at best and have potentially deadly flaws. the "san francisco chronicle" reporting the workers noticed the problems while working on pg&e's high pressure water testing of transmission pipelines last year. the testing was done after the deadly explosion in september of 2010. the welders say the gas lines have corrosion, flawed wells and shoddy repairs. pg&e says they're taking the accusations seriously and investigating. the accusations coming on the heels of pg&e's announcement that it's finished the operating pressure of thousands of miles of gas pipelines. the testing was done in densely
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populated areas of northern and central california, water pressure was used to check the pipes and is the strength. the utility now says it will turn its attention to its remaining gas pipelines under rural areas. it is 5:05 right now. overnight, another suspected u.s. drone attack in pakistan could further sour relations between the two countries. today in the bay's marla tellez joins us live from our newsroom this morning with that story and other overnight developments. good morning, marla. >> cnn is reporting ten people have been killed this morning when a suspected u.s. drone fired two missiles at an insurgent hideout in northwest mac stan. security officials say it's along the afghan border and believed to be a haven for militant groups leading the insurgency in afghanistan. this is the fourth suspected drone strike this year. also in pakistan, we told you about the factory that collapsed monday. this morning, this new video here into our newsroom of an amazing rescue, rescue workers pulling the 30-year-old man out
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of the rubble. he's alive after being trapped for almost two days. he's the 16th person to be saved, but so far 18 people have been confirmed dead. an upindicate now on the deadly situation in syria. people fleeing their homes in the city of hongs, where the fighting continues. almost 50 more people have been killed overnight in the fourth straight day of government bloodshed. this is according to cnn. u.n. officials estimate 6,000 people have died since the uprising of the assad regime began almost a year ago. and who knew getting that caffeinated kick in the pants could be as easy as taking a deep breath? the harvard professor has created a new product that allows you to inhale your daily dose of caffeine. it's called aero shot. puffing one small canister is said to be the equivalent of drinking one cup of coffee. now, it's already on the market in the east coast, in massachusetts and new york. also in france, actually. it goes for $2.99. of course, it does have its
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critics who say the risks are unknown. it has not been fda approved. laura and john? >> thank you very much, marla. i saw your eyes light up a little bit there, laura on that caffeine stuff. gop presidential candidate rick santorum trying to build on his tuesday trifecta this morning. santorum winning the caucuses in minnesota and colorado yesterday, and finished first in that nonbinding missouri primary. he says the victories show conservatism is alive and well. mitt romney says despite the results, he still is expected to be the gop nominee. coming up a little later in the newscast, we will go live to washington for a look at what is next. it is 5:08 right now. san jose may consider new ways to reduce its police force. mayor chuck reed will ask the city manager and auditor to come up with recommendations today. he says it doesn't mean there will be cuts. last week, tech giant ibm issued analysis of the san jose police department. it found that based on the city's crime rate, san jose
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could cut up to 400 police jobs at a savings of $60 million. we are learning right now the man at the controls of a crashed plane was a patroly from tracy. police say ray peero stole the single engine cessna from buchanan field in concord saturday. the following day, his body was found in the wreckage more than 170 miles away in fresno. the faa investigators say he was not a licensed pilot, and had no connection to the plane's owner. 5:09 right now. want to check the visibility now with meteorologist christina loren because it's pretty foggy to some bridges. >> it is pea soup out there this morning. good morning to you. we're going to see a beautiful second half of the day. the sun will be out in full force. take a look at this, though. gorgeous shot this morning of the bay bridge. you can see that fog drifting around, and you might walk out your front door this morning with perfect visibility. and then as you hit the highway, you encounter some dense pockets out there. so you really want to take it
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easy. we have fog creeping in from the pacific and in addition to that, you've got fog creeping in from the delta. very foggy this morning throughout the san joaquin valley, so you want to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely. by noon today, we'll be in the low 60s inland and by the bay at the coast, a little bit cooler, but we're all going to see the 60s by 4:00 p.m. 65 degrees inland, 63 by the bay, and 60 at the coast. that means if you want to go out to the san francisco marina and get a great view of all those ships on the bay, you'll be able to. the best viewing time will be between noon and 4:00 p.m. 5:10, i've got that self-day just look. we'll tell you when rain comes back in the forecast. first let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> we have a couple incidents to follow. northbound 101 at tully has cleared from the off-ramp. here southbound 101, guadeloupe parkway, the approach was affected by an accident. now the car is off to the shoulder. a little distraction, but no
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slowing in either direction for 101 or any of the other south bay commute freeways heading northbound. further north, construction, just clearing now. 101 at the oregon expressway off-ramps. both directions north and south had crews overnight. they are clearing. should be completely cleared. if you're leaving the house now, you should be okay no matter where you're headed towards 101. san mateo, the bridge itself, over the water, flowing smoothly to 101. the fog advisory continues, though, you guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. from comedians and rock stars to high-paid athletes, they're all teeing up at pebble beach this morning. the celebrity challenge of the at&t pebble beach national pro am golf tournament takes place today. always a lot of fun. jim harbaugh and matt cain will be among some of the golfers, along with singer huey lewis, bill murray, ray romano and george lopez. all the competitors playing for
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their favorite charities. and a few laughs. >> always a blast at that one. a south bay student heading home this morning after meeting the president. eric bacon joining other young science and math whizes from around the country at the white house yesterday. the senior san jose's bellerman prep says the entire visit, a dream come true. >> never had i imagined i would be able to come to the white house, have president obama say great job on everything you guys have been doing. just overwhelming. >> for the record, bacon was there representing his robotics team. they are called the cheesy foots. >> love this. mcdonald's's shamrock shake is coming back. we'll have details in a live report. >> that's what i'm talking about. plus, we'll tell you what could happen next in the fight over proposition 8.
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this is "today in the bay." welcome back, everyone. it is now 5:14. we have been checking out fog all morning long. meteorologist christina loren to tell us how this is going to fade away. >> yeah. it is. it's going to burn off rather quickly as strong high pressure builds back into the bay area. but, yeah, we've got to deal with that fog this morning. take a look at this live picture over the bay bridge. yeah. it is kind of awesome out there this morning. where you can see. but, of course, this camera positioned up above, i'd say 200 feet. so you can see down at the surface, we are dealing with some pretty thick fog, and it's drifting around. so just because you walk out your front door and it's nice and clear doesn't mean fog is not going to slou you down or reduce your visibility. we're now down to a quarter mile or less, all the way from concord, fairfield, napa and
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santa rosa. livermore, dropping to one mile visibility there. and san jose where we don't extra deshlly see the really thick fog like in san francisco, we are seeing that this morning. and of course it's because of the showers we picked up yesterday. we stop the clock on your future cast between 10:00 and 11:00, mostly clear conditions over the greater bay area, getting sunshine and warming up throughout the day. as a result, high pressure builds back in. by tomorrow, off shore winds develop, and that's going to make for the warmest day of the week with plenty of 70s on your temperature map. so for today, drizzle early with the fog. a mild afternoon, plenty of sunshine. if you had to stay indoors yesterday because of the showers, that's not going to be the case for today. and then tomorrow, dense fog in the morning will make way to plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. today's highs work out like this. 66 in the valley, 66 in los gatos bay. and 64 degrees in san francisco. if you have been missing the rain, we have more on the way. we're going to have to wait for it, but, hey, sunday in monday, showers roll back into the bay
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area. a quick shot of showers, and by tuesday, mix of sun and clouds, 59 degrees. let's check your drive with mike. >> all right, christina. you've been showing the visibility dropping on your maps all morning. specifically right around the water, one of the areas we are getting the fog coming out of the soil and off the delta. and highway 4, we're going to see some slowing. we have right here, that's your traditional build-up past hillcrest towards g. and for this area over the course of the morning, seeing 50s, as well, likely fog drifting through. you've been showing the zero visibility through concord and coming out of fairfield so that means there is a warning as well that we're going to extend over the venue he or she abridge, 680, as well as interstate 80. no official advisory from chp. i'm extending it to you because of that. we'll look at the upper deck that christina showed you, the same shot for your drive. as you come over the water, you see the clouds drifting across the bridge. and then that will impede your view from oakland to san francisco. it's a smooth drive but we may see the metering lights turned
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on because of the lower visibility. oakland 880 moves smoothly, as well. the southbound side has cleared. and we'll get you back to the map for a quick look at livermore with a 14-minute drive through this area. but you might get the tully fog as you're coming out over toward tracy. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. traders optimistic this morning the economy is on the road to recovery and that spurred trading yesterday. for a look if that will carry over to today, we turn to jackie deangelis live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> good morning, john. the futures are higher this morning after markets posted a decent gain yesterday. investors are more optimistic today that greece may be closer to reaching a deal on budget cuts. that's one of the conditions set by european leaders in order to get a new round of bailout money for the country. and ben bernanke also stuck to the fed script. he told congress that even despite last week's strong jobs report, the labor market is still weak with unemployment above 8%. and that suggested the fed will keep interest rates low for a while and may step in with some
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more economic stimulus. the dow, of course, rose yesterday, 33 points to close at 28878. the nasdaq adding two points to close at 2909 -- excuse me, 04. mean time, job openings jumped to a three-year high in december, supporting other recent reports slowing some brighter hiring prospects. the labor department says that companies and governments posted 3.38 million jobs. that's up from 3.1 million in november. manufacturing, retail, business and professional services posted the biggest gains. but the number of people who quit their jobs declined. it generally takes about one to three months for a job opening to be filled. and mcdonald's going to announce today that it plans to sell the famed shamrock shake nationwide. in the weeks sounding st. patrick's day. the fast food giant previously left it up to individual stores and markets to decide whether they wanted to offer the shake. like the mcrib, the shamrock shake has built a cult-like following with websites devoted on where you can find them. >> the cult-like following is right here on that mcrib and shamrock, jackie.
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thank you very much. >> he's got the mcrib. i got the shamrock. guy rights advocates continue to celebrate this morning after a federal appeals court ruled proposition 8 is unconstitutional. the justice' opinion said the ban did nothing but lesson the status of human dignity of guys and lesbians in california. legal experts say the fight is far from over. >> the prop 8 backers would ask for a review by the entire ninth circuit, but then if that doesn't go forward, they then would seek review in the united states supreme court. but if the united states supreme court does not hear the issue, then it won't go back to the ninth circuit for further proceedings. the three-judge decision would take effect. the ruling also kept in place the stay on same-sex marriages until all the legal challenges are settled. it is 5:20 right now. a church leader calling on san francisco catholics to speak out about president obama's new health care mandate. archbishop george neederour
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wrote a letter that will be distributed to the masses this weekend. it calls the white house's decision to require catholic institutions to provide employees with birth control and abortion-inducing drugs alarming, saying it, quote, strikes at the fundamental religious liberty for all citizens of any faith. the archbishop wants parishioners to write the white house in protest. religious institutions can be exempt from the mandate if it violates their beliefs and all of its employees are of that faith. but catholic hospitals and universities that employ noncatholic workers must provide free contraception as part of its group insurance, even though birth control violates doctrine. it is 5:21 right now. coming up, anonymous hacks most of oakland city leaders but leaves one untouched. we'll tell you why, coming up. and plus the latest bay area city to expand the plastic bag ban. and more good newjo onb heft job front in silicon valley. we'll take a look at the numbers
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coming up.
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5:23. good wednesday morning to you. san francisco's plastic bag ban has gotten broader. supervisors unanimously approving a measure to expand the ban of nonreusable bags to all stores, not just groceries. if customers need to buy a paper bag, it's going to cost you a dime. san francisco is the first city in america to ban plastic bags at supermarkets back in 2007. mean time, in the south bay, santa clara county supervisors have approved a $1.2 million program to help house the chronically homeless. the program will give 100 housing vouchers to people who are mentally or physically disabled and have been homeless for more than a year. the goal is to start that program by april. anonymous hackers targeting oakland city leaders. the group posting the personal information of mayer jean quan,
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police chief howard jordan and other city leaders. yesterday home addresses, salary information and family information were also included. chief jordan called the incident cyber terrorism. and says he is taking steps to protect his family. anonymous attack most of the city council, except council woman rebecca camplynn. instead they thanked her for their support. 5:25 right now. the rich getting richer. scott mcgrew says the south bay is outpacing the rest of california. >> well, good morning, laura. mostly good news in the latest once a year report from joint venture silicon valley. it's the best snapshot we have of the south bay economy, and it says employment is back to 2006 levels after the valley added a staggering 42,000 jobs just last year. this puts us far ahead of the rest of other regions when you think about it, as job growth per capita. so numbers for you. the unemployment rate in silicon valley estimated at 8.3%. now, wait a minute, that's the
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national. so what's the big deal? why do we get excited? remember, we're in california where generally the economy is still terrible. california's unemployment rate is 11%. now, if you're in silicon valley but you're not feeling any benefit, you're not alone there. that same report says the good times are not shared by everyone. families who make high income account for nearly half of all homes in silicon valley. their income is going up. but those who don't make lots of money, in fact, saw their income fall. do expect to hear lots more about these numbers and this report in the next couple of days. the paper version was released tuesday, and then this coming friday, there is a big gathering of silicon valley leaders to go over it, point by point, and see where we're headed. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. it's 5:26 right now. >> very interesting. >> still to come, san francisco sheriff heading back to court this morning. we will tell you what's next in that case.
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>> reporter: and oakland mayor jean quan set to deliver the state of the city address  tonight, and demonstrators, well, they have their own plans. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story, coming up. and fog will likely slow you down this morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren live in the weather center. we'll tell you where it's the thickest and when it's expected to leer, coming up. well, that's what she said. that's what i say too. we're looking at 24. tailgating. heading towards the tunnel, a smoother drive, but once you get to the bay bridge, you havebro content with a few things. we'll show you what we're talking about. [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient...
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without question. just look for the white check.
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this is "today in the bay." >> halfway through your workweek. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. what's up with the visibility? >> dropping like a rock. let's show you what we're talking about this morning. really thick fog. not just at the coast. but just about everywhere across the bay area, you will encounter dense patches, especially through the east bay this morning. this is actually a live look at san francisco, but i can tell you anything at this point. really, really foggy out there. pea soup. i'll let you know when that's expected to clear and because we are so much closer to that weekend now, we'll take a peek
5:31 am
at what we're in store for. and one day is better than the other. let's see how the fog is impacting you on the roads this morning with mike inouye. >> from that shot, fog could impair your view of the roadway. we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we see the traffic moving smoothly. you see across the middle of the screen, the east shore freeway, the lights off there, but you can't see beyond that. low clouds hovering in many east bay spots. fog advisory for the bay bridge. none for the golden gate bridge, although probably should be there. we showed you this shot a few seconds ago and the issue is fog coming through this area and developing around the bay. watch the north bay, especially as you are coming over the bridges. we'll track that commute coming up. >> thank you very much. 5:31 now. oakland's mayor will address they are first two years in office tonight. jean quan's budget has been filled with shortfalls. that's not been her only challenge. christie smith is in oakland where occupy protesters will be on hand when the mayor delivers
5:32 am
her state of the city address. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, laura. mayor jean quan certainly has a lot on her plate. yesterday, the chief of police was talking about how the city is dealing with 20 shootings in just seven days. he thinks this is all gang-related so she's got crime. she's got budget cuts. she's got job losses. and also, of course, the occupy movement. some demonstrators are talking about staging a silent protest tonight, as mayor kwan delivers her state of the city address. recent cuts weren't as bad as first projected, but still resulted in about 80 jobs lost in the city. and just last night, the city council got an earful from demonstrators as the city council failed to pass a resolution that would have stepped up law enforcement at occupy protests. it focused on the port of oakland shutdown ohs, but could have gone to other protests in the city and would have basically strengthened laws against blocking streets and assembling without a permit. this comes as protesters and police clashed. that was january 28th.
5:33 am
400 people arrested. city hall was vandalized. at least 50 people last night came up to speak on the issue. the state of the city address is set for 7:00 tonight at city hall, but the doors opened at 6:30. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. jon and laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. we are learning more about this morning about the man accused of shooting a federal customs officer in newark. dennis bagwell manages an apartment building. we have a photon the bay area optical area's school website where he teaches. people who know him say they are just stunned he is actually a suspect in the shooting. >> pleasant enough. but he's not here that much. >> i know that he's very kind and caring man. and can't believe it. >> police arrested bagwell during a traffic stop in union city. that was hours after the shooting outside the officer's home in newark.
5:34 am
it's still unclear at this point what sparked the confrontation. the officer's family has asked the hospital not to release any information on his condition. it is 5:33 right now. san francisco sheriff ross mcreamy will again ask the courts to allow him to see his 2-year-old son. he will appear in family court to ask the judge to modify a stay-away order. that order was put in place after he was accused of abusing his wife i will anna lopez new year's eve. lopez is refusing to cooperate with investigators, so prosecutors want a former girlfriend to testify in the the abuse case. she also claims the sheriff has a violent temper. his trial is scheduled to start on february 24th. it is 5:34 right now. we have been talking about jobs all this morning. scott mcgrew says silicon valley has recovered to employment levels not seen since 2006. he continues our coverage now. and scott, i guess we can thank apple for many jobs. >> yeah, they call it the app economy. economist michael mandel tried
5:35 am
to figure out how many jobs were created when apple decided to open up its iphone to outside developers. we start with zero in 2007. this is before the iphone is introduced to nearly a half million now. now, sometimes it's hard to figure out what actual economic growth and what's actually just people moving from job to job. but in this case, it is pure growth. because five years ago, this industry didn't exist. now, those jobs don't have to be in the bay area. there's no rule you have to make apps here in town. but the bay area has done an excellent job of keeping apps local. stanford, one of the best places to learn computer science, venture capital firms like perkins have set aside special cap -- or cash, rather, to fund app companies. and as we were reporting earlier, silicon valley is outpacing the rest of the nation in job growth and far outpaces california. back to you. >> very interesting. making college more affordable in california is the goal of legislation being introduced in sacramento. state assembly speaker john
5:36 am
perez will propose large tuition breaks for families that earn less than 150,0$150,000 a year. perez calls it the middle class scholarship. uc students would get more than $8,000 break every year while csu students would see a $4,000 savings. about $1 billion a year is needed to fund the program. money would come from a eliminating the corporate tax break approved back in 2009. along with tuition, another expense putting a strain on budgets, the rising price of gas. today in the bay's bob riddle is rolling all through the south bay and has the latest on that and more. hey, bob. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, john. typically, this is not where we're supposed to be at. you're looking at close to $3.80 for a gallon of gas here at the station in san jose. usually around this time of the year, we get a little bit of a break at the pump. you'll ride -- your ride into work would be costing a bit less. but that's not the case. we're actually coming off the most expensive january ever for
5:37 am
gas prices. and here are the latest numbers. you want to take a look at them, courtesy of aaa. you can see san jose, oakland averaging like we just saw there, around $3.76 for a gallon of gas. sf, just over $3.80 and i bring these numbers up because if you were to compare a month ago, we're up by about a dime. that is unusual. in a typical january, we normally see a dip in prices. demand goes down as more people stay home, having just spent the month of december traveling for the holidays. but that has been offset this time around by a growing economy. and what fuels growing industries? diesel. many refineries have boosted their production of diesel, but in the process, cut back on their production of gasoline. so gasoline supply equals higher prices at the pump. analysts also believe that oil speculators are also behind some of the recent price increases. a barrel of crude right now is around $100. that's 10 to $15 higher than it was this time a year ago.
5:38 am
so what does the road ahead look like? well, it's not good for drivers, especially if you're a regular commuter, getting ready to get on the roads this morning. a couple analysts expect us to be in the mid $4 range. come memorial day. memorial day, of course, the start of the summer driving season. so here you are, if you're driving to work this morning and you haven't filled up yet, you know you're going to be spending a little bit more this time around than you would have normally, let's say about 30 days ago. reporting live here in the south bay, bob riddel, "today in the bay." >> a painful reality, bob. thank you very much. >> got a car full. got to check the morning commute, as well. you may save mileage out there as you drive slower trying to drive through the fog. >> yeah, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely this morning. we are socked in. this is a live picture of the golden gate bridge where right now we actually have pretty good visibility as we continue to watch this camera. we're going in and out, which is
5:39 am
an indication of all that fog just drifting around the bay area. and so don't be caught off guard when you walk out your front door in places like sunnyvale where we have 10 miles of visibility. you drop off like a rock as you head to work in livermore, 3 miles visibility. and we're going to continuously drop off before we hit sunrise. after 8:00 a.m., we should start to see the situation improve. we start the clock on your future cast at a.m., a good deal of fog. by 0k a.m., though, the sun shining over us, temperatures in the 60s today. 60 degrees at the coast at 4:00 p.m. i'm talking about pacifica and half moon bay. gorgeous there. 60 degrees by 4:00 p.m. at the bay. san francisco and inland, we see temperatures in the 70s. in the warmest spots. and 65 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in places like san jose as you make your way home from work. i'll let you know when rain returns in my seven-day forecast. that's coming up in my next report. but first, let's check your drive at 5:39 with mike inouye.
5:40 am
>> 5:39, that's when we see the kickoff for highway 4. over the last 15 minutes, the volume has built and speeds come down. we're below 20 at the g street sensor with the 18 registering here. slow at usual through summersville. no other slowing shows up, but the fog very thick in spots through 682, 242 and highway 4, meeting folks coming off the bridge. we don't have any problems or any alerts for venetia or car keen as bridge. north bay, fairfield and santa rosa still have down to zero miles of visibility. so we have an issue for drivers on the freeways, as well. be careful. from the north bay to the south bay, we're looking at live shot now for san jose. and 87 coming into downtown, a good number of cars but no slowing through the area, guys. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. it is 5:40 right now. coming up, why spare the air also means spare your pets. >> plus, making room fmarijuana.
5:41 am
the new group trying to help legalize medical pot. and the raiders hiring a new coach this morning and we're hearing he was taken from a sit. >> down the middle and caught.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:43 right now. rick santorum has shaken up the gop for the white house. he pulled off the trifecta, winning two caucuses and a primary. brian mooar live in washington with what this means for the race now. good morning, brian. >> reporter: laura, i can't say that. that's for sure. rick santorum was hoping for a big night. goat a lot better than that. he was hoping to win minnesota, he was hoping to withn missouri. but colorado, that was an upset. that is nothing short of a game-changer in some people's eyes. rick santorum saying now he doesn't want to be the conservative alternative to mitt romney. he wants to be the conservative alternative to president obama. and he now has four primary
5:44 am
season wins under his belt. he is behind in the delegate count. newt gingrich and ron paul are hoping to play catch-up with mitt romney, who is still the man to beat. but this race yesterday showed that romney is still vulnerable when it comes to conservatives, and now santorum is talking about taking on romney on his home turf in michigan at the end of the month. laura? >> all right, brian mooar, thank you very much. san jose police need your help finding the man who robbed a downtown convenience store. the surveillance photos show the robber at a stop & save food store on january 15th. police say he had a handgun, but no shots were fired. the man is described as hispanic, between 20 and 25 years old, 5'6", weighs 130 pounds. if you happen to know who this is, you are asked to call san jose police. oakland is backing off a plan to use police officers to plan future demonstrations that
5:45 am
block city streets. >> we have families in their homes, because these terrorists are posting their information on the internet, and how to get their job. >> it was a packed house at the city council meeting last night after a lot of public comment. the council actually voted down a resolution that would have used any legal means to prevent future protests in places like the port. the proposal was suggested after occupy protesters shut down operations late last year, costing hundreds of workers a day's pay. well, the next time you light up that fireplace, you may want to think about your pets. the bay area air quality district says pet owners should keep their pets indoors on those spare the air days. the experts say wood smoke not only effects humans, but also cats, dogs, even horses. one veterinarian says even pets get asthma that can be aggravated by all the wood smoke. >> allergies, as well. 5:45 now.
5:46 am
want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren talking about fog this morning. >> it's thick out there this morning. good morning to you. we're actually tracking very, very dense fog, and visibilities dropping like a rock, just about everywhere. starting with this live picture yet again of the bay bridge. and this is the point that i'm trying to illustrate this morning. at times, we'll check this camera shot, and we'll have pretty good visibility. but at this point, that fog is starting to drift and thicken up. so you want to give yourself plenty of time as you may encounter some thick patches on your drive to work this morning. very dangerous, especially if you have the little ones in the car. always a good idea to stay alert. and eliminate those distractions in your vehicle. all right. let's take it right to your visibilities this morning, show you where we're dropping off. we have some really thick fog right now in fairfield, concord, livermore as we have that tully fog creeping in from the delta. right at the coast, we're dealing with that marine layer of fog, so we're also dropping off from santa rosa, you're down to about 200 feet of visibility in spots.
5:47 am
san mateo looking good. we will continue to check your visibilities all morning log. headed towards a really nice second half of the day though. if you want that sunshine, that's back in the works as we head through about noon today. full sunshine over the greater bay area will warm us up by about 5 to 10 degrees from yesterday's highs. and if you want the rain, we've got that for you, as well in my seven-day forecast. highs today looking good as high pressure moves even closer to the bay area. by tomorrow, we're talking about offshore flow, so for your thursday, even warmer. but we'll have to deal with that dense fog tomorrow morning, as well. as we head throughout today, temperatures on the mild side. this is going to be one of the warmer days of the week, but not the warmest. that's tomorrow. 67 degrees in morgan hill. 61 for dublin today. take you across the san francisco bay, looking good in the city today. 64 degrees there. and really no major changes in the forecast until the second half of your weekend. trying to make outdoor plans, well, sunday, we're going to see a few showers and cloudy conditions. also, temperatures dropping. so saturday is going to be much better for outdoor activities
5:48 am
weather wise. monday into tuesday, a few showers and then we clear out for the second half of tuesday. and i think we'll see some snow out of this next system as it will ride to the north. and bring snow maybe about 6 inches above 7,000 feet. so looking good there. let's check your drive and see how good that's looking with our own mike inouye. >> all right, christina, looking at a smooth drive through the east bay. trivalley, seeing slow downs we typically see coming out of the pass for a 16-minute total travel time. slowing into the 50s where you see yellow. expected into livermore, little blips around the isabelle interchange. and the speeds at el chara showing 50, so we may have early slowing through pleasanton and dublin. i'll track that, let you know and show you as things develop. hopefully that will sort itself out over the next few. the south bay, your northbound routes move very nicely, including 101 toward 680. the volume starting to build, but that won't slow likely until about 6:20, half hour from now. we do have debris.
5:49 am
northbound 85 around deansa blocking your right lane so a crew will take care of that. expect to see flashing lights toward 280, but no major slowing just yet. we have construction that has idea cleared. this is off the oregon expressway off-ramp from both north and southbound 101. no slowing through palo alto, menlo park, san mateo. a smooth drive here. 101 across the golden gate bridges, there's the fog you're dealing with, of course. we'll end with the shot and the note further north through santa rosa, very low visibility. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:49 right now. it will be closing time earlier at one walnut creek bar and grill. walnut creek city council denied an appeal from the owners of lift lounge and grill that would have allowed it to stay open until 12:30 in the morning. that means the business will now have to close one hour earlier at 11:30 for the next 90 days. after that, the business can
5:50 am
reply to extend the hours. walnut creek is dealing with a recent increase in violent fights outside bars and night clubs. here's a question. what do grocers, meat cutters and some medical marijuana workers all have in common. the answer, they now all belong to the same union in san jose. 30 medical cannabis workers from the sv care dispensary have joined the ufcw local 5. the first unionized medical marijuana workers in san jose's history. the contract providing the employees something they say they did not have before. stability. >> i am so proud. i can take care of myself. i do have a chronic illness, so i'm able to have health care, dental. i can eventually buy into a 401(k). >> local 5 pushing hard for the statewide medical marijuana regulation, control and taxation act. the act would provide statewide regulation for the entire industry. it's 5:50 right now.
5:51 am
redwood city could soon join a growing list of bay area cities that ban foam food containers. city council is drafting an ordinance to ban those containers at restaurant and food vendors. officials say the products are not biodegradable and pollute the environment. city plans to reach out to local businesses with alternatives to those foam containers. well, it looks like the raiders hired another bay area college coach. espn reports overnight san jose state quarterback's coach john de sa leapo has taken a state job with the raiders. it will be his second stint with the raiders. he held a position in 2007 and 2008. he joined the spartan staff in 2010 after parting with the new york jets. the raiders also hired stanford assistant jason tarveer as defensive coordinator this week. so building up the team. >> trying to get ready for the next season. 5:51 right now. coming up, the new net working terms you need to watch out for when your kids go online. and talk show host ellen
5:52 am
degeneres weighs in on the proposition 8 ruling. >> teachers are not thrilled ou y,whin com.g upwe'll tell y. e hands that feel soft and silky smooth! ooh...she's got the look. what's her secret? the gloves? dawn? i don't believe it.
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welcome back, everyone. a well-known talk show host talking about yesterday's proposition 8 ruling. >> for a long time, same-sex marriage was not legal, and then here in california it was legal for about 25 minutes. and then it was not legal again, because of something called prop 8, which bans same-sex marriage. and i'm happy to say that yesterday an appeals court ruled that prop 8 was unconstitutional. >> that was on yesterday's "ellen" show. everybody applauding the decision there by the u.s. ninth circuit court of appeals that found the ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.
5:55 am
now all sides agree, there will be more legal appeals ahead. possibly before the u.s. supreme court. now, ellen has a lot more to say about the court decision. you can see her entire monologue on the ellen degeneres show at 4:00 here on nbc bay area. a tech company has released a list of new social networking terms every parent needs to know. social shield says kids are constantly coming up with new ways to communicate in ways adults would not understand. it has identified several serious red flags. sexual terms include d-46, which means down for sex. and gnoc, meaning get naked on cam. depression signs include ihml, which means i hate my life. cyber bullying terms like gky for go kill yourself. or 182 meaning i hate you. signs of drugs or drinking like craft, meaning can't remember.
5:56 am
an fing thing or a drinking injury. experts say the best thing you can do is certainly talk to your kids. w-o-w, wow. a big shake up at yahoo. scott mcgrew joins us, and yahoo's board has been the subject of a few acronyms itself. >> leaves a few thinking what were they thinking? the directors have not been popular, most note wlee for fumbling the buyout offer. the chairman of the board here says he's going to step down, along with two other board members. we expected that move, but bottom line, it clears the way this morning for new ceo scott thompson to make more changes at the ailing tech company. now, california's teacher retirement system sent a letter to facebook taking it to task, because facebook has no women on its board of directors. cal stars, as it's known, owns
5:57 am
facebook shares already, and says -- has a say in how facebook is run. by comparison, hewlett-packard has five women on its board. apple has just one. the company that owns this tv station has one woman on its board as well. we will take a look at some of the jobs numbers coming up at the top of the next hour. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. it is 5:57 right now. still to come on "today in the bay," new questions this morning surrounding the weld on pg&e pipelines. some workers say they're not safe. plus, details on the public memorial plan for the construction worker tragically killed on the job. and we've got some thick fog out there this morning. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren live in the nbc bay area weather center. we'll let you know where you can only see for hundreds of feet. when it will clear, and what cities are still going to hit the 70s today in your full forecast. and that fog she's talking about, it will be an issue for your drive. 880 moves smoothly, but i'll
5:58 am
talk about things further north coming up.
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